The World’s Best Stock Market Live Trading Events

Dubai Airshow is a Live streaming event for professional investors and traders around the world.

Trade and invest in the financial markets live with Vieira including specific instructions and coaching.

Purchase a ticket or a package depending on your budget and objectives. Investors can attend a live event for a very low fee or to acquire video on demand recorded sessions at affordable prices. No subscriptions, no obligations, no monthly fees.
Revolutionary & Innovative
See it with your own eyes!
Participate in history!

Vieira is Dubai Airshow host, a one man show that will blow up your mind!

Vieira demonstrates how Dubai Airshow revolutionizes the investing industry offering the most profitable Live trading events ever.


 The World’s Best Companies

Invest in the world’s best companies across different market sectors since IPO to the future world leading companies creating history in the financial markets.

Leading companies, speculative stocks, IPO’s, day trading and long-term investment. More than one hundred stocks & ETF’s!

 Live Coverage
Live coverage of historical events in the stock market confirming Vieira predictions

Upgrades, downgrades, trade alerts, live comments & instructions helping investors to comprehend market action.

Choose between Dubai daily pass and Dubai Airshow for continuos uninterrupted access.

A calendar of available events per subject and an advanced booking system!

Live Education
The ultimate live event in real time! Live trading streamed over the internet for a worldwide audience. Get the highest quality of sensitive information delivered in real time. No other company in the world offers a similar service.
Live Audience Participation
Go live by calling in from Skype or engage in chat with the team getting answers in real-time! Stop wasting valuable time and money. Access priceless content helping investors to define investment strategies in the stock market.
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Screen Sharing
See the action on your screen in real time. Follow-up Vieira’s teaching, comments and live trade alerts. Learn about the best tools for investing in the market while having fun.

For the first time ever the ultimate live action on your desktop, TV, or mobile! This is the real stuff blowing off competition as others are saying!

Innovative Pricing
Access for everyone! You make up the price! Share events with friends on any social network, email, phone, blog and you get up to 99% discount! It’s dramatically simple.

Even when purchasing a pack of twenty tickets you still can get up to 99% of your money back! Start sharing today driving prices 99% lower.

Video on Demand
World’s best video assets library for serious investors containing priceless recorded live content. Stock outlooks, earnings calls, basic and advanced education on hundreds of investment topics available for renting, monthly and annual subscriptions or special packages. Build a portfolio of assets starting to learn anywhere, anytime with the best supported by our own world-class platform. VOD is free included in Dubai Air show subscription.